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The mission of Coffee & Quaq is to celebrate, share, and explore the collective experience of contemporary Native life in urban Alaska. Coffee & Quaq aims to incite discussion on topics of interest for young Alaska Native people and bring awareness to the various facets of modern Indigenous life. It's a podcast show for Indigenous people, by Indigenous people to help provide an accurate representation of Alaska Native life in urban and rural settings.


Quaq is the Iñupiaq word for frozen or raw meat or fish and it is also a verb: to eat frozen or raw meat or fish. Coffee to represent our contemporary and woke side and Quaq to examine our topics through an Alaska Native lens.


Sip on this. Chew on that. Coffee & Quaq. Tavra.



Alice Qannik Glenn is a 30-something-year-old Alaska Native Iñupiaq, born and raised in the northernmost city in the United States—Utqiaġvik, Alaska. She enjoys tuttu soup and exploring topics related to cultural traditions, social progress, women empowerment, and spaceflight. Alice is known for questioning the status quo, and she created Coffee & Quaq to celebrate and explore Native life in Anchorage, Alaska's biggest village.



noun: raw, frozen meat or fish
verb: to eat raw, frozen meat or fish

Sample sentence: "Aarigaa quaq!"

Translation: "This quaq is good!"



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Anchorage, AK 99502

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Joyful and informative

Listening to this podcast is such a joy! I love listening to such thoughtful and fresh voices. So grateful that these crucial conversations are being initiated or expanded upon by the host and guests. I get chills when I hear the intro because I love the sound of amazing things coming into existence! And the sound of coffee. It's obvious how much work and thought goes into this. Lots of room for laughter and complex ideas. Keep them coming!

iTunes review by 1136SWGrayliam - Dec. 4, 2018

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