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Resolve Ep. 3: Britney Baier

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains subject matter about drug use and sex trafficking. If you are feeling particularly sensitive to these topics, we recommend listening when you feel comfortable, safe, and ready.

Resolve is part of an ongoing series about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women in Alaska created in partnership with Affinity Films, a non-profit media organization based in Anchorage, Alaska. This episode features Britney Baier sharing her story about sex trafficking in Alaska.

"It was, you know, walking the streets with two guys following a ways behind me, being scared to death, going to casinos, being forced to hit on old men. I was just sitting at a gas station at the bus stop and a guy pulled up in a truck and asked me if I wanted to go, and at this point I was just completely hopeless. I was just like, if this guy kills me then, okay. I just was feeling really hopeless and discouraged and defeated." - Britney Baier

Britney Baier in her own words: I am a mom in recovery. I have five kids, an amazing man of God for a husband and I work as a Radio Marketing Professional. I do what I can everyday to reach my hand out to others still suffering. I have five and a half years clean and sober and today I live a life second to none. I get to share my testimony to give others hope. I get to show people that God truly does use the broken, the addicted, the lost and the shamed to change the world for the better as long as you surrender. He turns them into something beautiful, a new creation in Christ so that we can help others that have gone through what we have. My job here on Earth is to spread the good news and glorify God!

Visit our website at Save Our Sisters Alaska

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