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Episode 22: GOTNV with Michelle Sparck

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Coffee & Quaq Episode 22: GOTNV features Michelle Sparck who is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Get Out the Native Vote (GOTNV) and it focuses on the 2022 election process, ranked choice voting, the constitutional convention and some of the barriers AK Native people may face in the voting process. Michelle Sparck from GOTNV walks us through the basics.

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Get Out the Native Vote (GOTNV), Michelle aims to take the nonprofit from increasing voting and voter registration among Alaska Native people to becoming a resource that supports Alaska Native candidates running for public office — including a congressional seat.

Originally from Bethel and a member of the Qissunamiut Tribe of Chevak, Michelle, whose Cup’ik name is Macuar, stepped into the world of politics immediately after graduating high school, when she interned with the office of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.

After gaining additional experience working on fisheries issues under Chairman Don Young of the House Resources Committee, Michelle returned to Alaska to work with her Tribes and subsistence activities with the Association of Village Council Presidents. Later, she worked for several Alaska Native organizations, focusing on policies that affected natural resources, health care, and other issues.

“I worked like an ambassador between the entities so that the needs of Alaska Native people didn’t get lost in translation,” she said.

In her role as strategic initiatives director with GOTNV, Michelle is excited to put her political experience and skills to work bolstering the Alaska Native vote.

To learn more about Michelle or GOTNV, visit

Thank you Michelle Sparck for all your work towards GOTNV. Regardless of who you vote for, Michelle and her team just want to make sure you’re oriented correctly, you understand the process, and your vote gets counted. The 2022 AK Primary Election is Tuesday August 16, if you haven’t voted already, be sure to do so before 8pm! Who are you voting for and why? What issues do you care about deeply and which candidate best reflects the decision making you wish to see in government? Talk it over with family, friends, and people you trust or care about.

I hope these special C&Q episodes featuring the Tara, Mary, and Michelle were helpful and informative for you this election year! Happy researching and happy voting Quaqtis. I’m Alice Qannik Glenn, over and out.

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