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Episode 19: Native Earring Creators (Part 1)

This episode features Kawahine Danner, the artist and creator behind Kawahine Creations an Indigenous handmade earrings, merchandise art, designs, and clothing shop based in Utqiagvik, AK. Some questions that guided this conversation were: How does culture & heritage influence your work? How do you feel about cancel/consequence culture and what role does social media play in that? What are some unique challenges for rural artists vs urban artists?

Kawahine Danner is an Iñupiaq-Hawaiian artist. Her work reflects her identity as a multicultural Indigenous woman. Her business Kawahine Creations features contemporary art, jewelry, and clothing that are influenced by her Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian background.

I think it’s natural, though, for Indigenous owned-businesses to have conflicts with the western world and the western way of doing things because Indigenous-led is communal. In a capitalistic society, it’s like “no, I own that" and “that’s mine.” So, trying to work with those two is so hard.

This episode is brought to you by Northwest Strategies, an Alaska Native and woman-owned full service brand marketing and communications firm committed to elevating Indigenous voices. Northwest Strategies celebrates and advances Alaska's First People with purpose and pride through inclusive and authentic representation in media. Learn how Northwest Strategies is changing the narrative at or check them out on Facebook or Instagram!

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