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Episode 18: Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year's theme is "You are not alone." This episode features the North Slope Borough Health Department team: Muriel Katuk Brower, Katrina Watson, Mariah Utuga, Daniel Thomas, Ruby Donovan, and Mariam Valenzuela. The NSB Health Department team is located in Utqiagvik, AK and we all gathered virtually to have a discussion about Mental Health Awareness.

The vision of the North Slope Borough Department of Health & Social Services is to promote a resilient and empowered generation. Their mission is to serve the North Slope through culturally safe care.


  1. HUMILITY – Putting the needs of others first.

  2. COMPASSION – Understanding, kindness, and love for others.

  3. UNITY – Willingly working together.

  4. INTEGRITY – Wholeness, completeness, honest, and sincere.

  5. RESPECT – Shared respect, shared meaning, shared knowledge, and experience of learning together.

Their primary responsibility is to provide culturally safe care to the residents of the North Slope Borough through the following programs: Community Health Aide Program, Children & Youth Services, Integrated Behavioral Health, Gathering Place, Sober Living Environment, Public Health Nursing, Senior Program, Veterinary Clinic/PHO, Women, Infant & Children Program, AWIC, Barrow and Village Daycare Services, and the Prevention Program, in addition to contracted services of Assisted Living, Mental Health Group Home, Home Makers Program, Tribal Doctors, and PHO Senior Center for Elders/Youth Nutrition Services.

This episode is sponsored by the North Slope Borough Health Department and played on KBRW 680 AM/FM radio Thursday May 6, 2021.

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