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Resolve Ep. 2: Amos Lane

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains subject matter about rape and sexual assault. If you are feeling particularly sensitive to those topics, we recommend listening when you feel comfortable, safe, and ready.

Resolve is part of an ongoing series about Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women in Alaska created in partnership with Affinity Films, a non-profit media organization based in Anchorage, Alaska. This episode features Amos Lane sharing his story about the brutal rape and murder of his mother Harriet Lane in Point Hope, AK.

"The full picture was never really shared with me at the time up until recently when I started asking questions about what really happened June 9, 1985 to my mother. My mom was brutally tortured for many, many hours -- pretty close to eight or nine hours by three men at my grandma's house where the crime happened." - Amos Lane

Amos Kapayu Lane is an Inupiaq artist from Point Hope (Tikigaq), Alaska.

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